AMEX Offers is a fantastic targeted rewards program that is geared towards helping you save money at places where you like to shop.

AMEX Offers has already dished out over 600 million dollars worth of savings to their members! The level of targeting is actually quite amazing, and speaks volumes about AMEX’s ability to understand their customers.

Read on to learn more about the types of deals you can expect to see, and how you can get enrolled in the program.

What kind of deals can you find on AMEX Offers?

AMEX Offers uses data from your American Express credit card statements to extrapolate the type of places you enjoy shopping at. AMEX then matches you with deals from retailers in those categories.

An important thing to note is that each of your American Express cards will have different AMEX Offers on it. For example, we have both the AMEX Platinum and Blue Cash Preferred cards, and received wildly different offers on them. The offers also get refreshed fairly frequently. From what we can tell, it seems to be at least once a month.

Here are the AMEX Offers we received on our Platinum Card and Blue Cash Preferred Card this month.

AMEX Offers Review
Sample AMEX Offers

How do you redeem a particular AMEX Offer?

All you have to to is click “Register your Card”, and meet the requirements for the offer.

For example, last month AMEX Offers hooked us up with $100 off any Dell computer as long as you spend over $700 with Dell.

We promptly registered our card, and bought a Dell XPS Tower (which we are writing this review on). Two days after our computer shipped, a statement credit of $100 appeared on our account. It was that easy!

AMEX Offers
AMEX Offers Statement Credit

You do need to be careful with the fine print to make sure you purchase is eligible. As an example, our $100 Dell offer was only eligible through so we would not have received a credit if our Dell purchase had been made at a store such as Best Buy.

Overall we are very impressed with what American Express is doing with AMEX Offers. It’s a great way to bring additional value to cardholders, and differentiate from Visa and Mastercard.