Have you ever wanted to check out what’s really happening deep below the surface of the ocean? If you’re not a scuba diver, then checking out the ocean floor in a submarine is probably your best bet. We didn’t have enough time to take a scuba diving class during our trip to Hawaii, so we signed up for this amazing submarine tour in Waikiki!

Atlantis Submarines in Waikiki is one of the best submarine tours in the world, and we highly recommend it if you’re visiting the island of O’ahu.

Tourists have been dazzled by undersea world on Atlantis Submarines since 1988. On this tour, you get to dive 100 feet below the surface and see an amazing assortment of marine life, shipwrecks, and get a view of the ocean that’s hard to beat. We saw a family of sea turtles while waiting for the boat that takes us to the submarine so the location for the dive is pretty epic.

The main dive site is located within view of Leahi (Diamond Head). The submarine itself is very nice, and the tour company claims that it’s the world’s largest recreational submarine. The premium submarine has 64 seats and portholes 65% larger than their 48-passenger submarines. If you have the option, then definitely pay for the premium submarine – it’s worth it. 

Once you get below the surface, you’ll might see green sea turtles, sharks, yellow tangs, eels, and many other species of underwater marine life. There’s also a surprising amount of sunken ships, and planes. The tour company has also introduced some man-made structures on the ocean floor to help the reef to grow.

That’s enough talk about the views. Check out the pictures and videos from our trip, and see for yourself!

Pro Tips for Atlantis Submarine Tour (Waikiki)

1. Show up early. Check-in for the tour is at the Hilton Hawaiin Village (2005 Kalia Rd. Honolulu, HI 96815) at the beachfront of the Ali’i Tower. Parking here can get pretty crazy, and it took us 20 minutes to find a spot.

2. Take motion sickness pills. You’ll take a boat away from shore before boarding the submarine. This ride might be a bit rocky depending on the weather conditions so don’t take any chances!

3. Turn off your camera/phone flash, and wear dark clothing. This will minimize the amount of glare from the submarine windows when you’re taking photos.