If you’re looking for a good party, then Cancun is the right place for you! Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches, amazing nightlife, and over the top all-inclusive party hotels.

One of our favorite things about Cancun is that they have a dedicated hotel zone that is fairly safe. The incredible Zona Hotelera is home to great restaurants, shopping, and (most importantly) all-inclusive resorts.

Downtown Cancun is where all of the nightlife is, and is just a 15 minute cab ride from the hotel zone. There are also buses that will take you directly from the hotel zone to the heart of the downtown party district if you get bored with your hotel.

We have traveled to Cancun extensively, and stayed at multiple resorts geared towards partying. Our selection for the best party hotel in Cancun is none other than: The Grand Oasis.

The Best Party Hotel in Cancun: The Grand Oasis

the best party hotel in cancun
The best party hotel in Cancun is none other than the Grand Oasis / Image Source Grand Oasis Cancun

The Grand Oasis is the best party hotel in Cancun. Period. This is the hotel where you will find a ton of bachelor/bachelorette parties, and people who are willing to keep the party going until 6 AM. There are also a bunch of club promoters on-location at the hotel who can help you get to the hottest clubs downtown.

Partying at the Resort

best party hotel in cancun - party people
Get ready for the best party resort in Cancun

You can party all day in the hotel pool bars, and party all night at the resort club.

This party hotel has lots of pool areas, but the main location is where the volleyball net is set up. This area is very central, and has a swim up bar where people literally hang out all day. There is always music playing, and many guests will bring their own waterproof speakers to the pool and DJ for their group of friends.

Everyone is super friendly, and looking to meet other travelers. There is a quiet hour before dinner when the bars shut down for a break. This is usually your cue to go hydrate and change before dining.

We were pleasantly surprised at how packed the resort bar, Coyote Loco, was every single night. They have a different theme nights including: foam parties, classic rock, and house music. In the middle of the bar is a raised platform with multiple poles for the patrons to dance on should they feel like it. If you come from a city with less than 500,000 people, then this resort bar will probably be the craziest club you’ve seen!

coyote loco is the resort bar at the best party hotel in Cancun
Coyote Loco / Image Source Grand Oasis Cancun

Since this is an all-inclusive resort, people tend to go overboard with the drinking at the hotel club – and you are almost guaranteed to make some amazing memories with your friends.

Everyone who comes here is looking to let off some steam and maximize party time!

If you get tired of the resort parties, then you should head into downtown Cancun to check out some of their amazing clubs.

The city nightclub in Cancun
The City nightclub in downtown Cancun

The Beach at The Grand Oasis

Best party resort in Cancun
The view from our room

We loved the beach at this resort. It’s big, clean, and has crystal clear waters with beautiful white sand. The beach is a nice place to spend a few hours everyday, but it’s far away from the food and drinks. We estimate that it’s a solid ten minute walk to get from the water to the nearest bar so it gets a bit tiring after a while.

best party hotel in cancun has beaches that stretches on for miles
The beach stretches on for miles

One interesting thing to note is that there was a visible police presence on the beach. A couple of officers would ride by on their ATV’s at least once every thirty minutes. We felt very safe on the beach though so we wouldn’t worry too much.

The Restaurants at The Grand Oasis

The food at the Grand Oasis is not their strong suit. It’s not bad, but also nothing to write home about. The resort is very clearly geared towards partiers so it makes sense that the food is just there to sustain life rather than earn Michelin Stars.

Our three favorite restaurants are:


This place serves European style food, and sometimes has live music playing. We would recommend going here for breakfast. If you do check this place out for breakfast, then you have to try out the omelette!

Il Forno

This place is all about the pizza. We literally tried all of the flavors on the menu and they were all tasty. The line for Il Forno get very long very quickly so definitely go early!

Bahia Rodizzio

Bahia is a Brailian style steakhouse where the waiters walk around with food to each table and you only take what you would like to eat. They are also very generous with the tequila. We gave our waiter a good tip and he brought a whole bottle over for us.

Things to Watch Out For


Checking into the hotel takes an unbelievably long time. The pace at which things happen in Cancun is much slower than what we are used to in the United States. There was only one person ahead of us at the check-in line, but it still took us over 30 minutes to get our room keys. The resort is also very big so be prepared to spend twenty minutes walking to your friend’s room if they are in a building on the other side of the property.

Water refills in the room

We really hope this changes, but the hotel’s policy for refilling the water bottles in your room is once every two days – which is brutal. Clearly, this is bad news for people who are severely dehydrated due to drinking. Since this is the best party hotel in Cancun, they should be offering as much water as possible so that their guests don’t get sick.

There are a few things you can to do in order to alleviate this problem. First, there is a small convenience store across the street from the hotel where they sell bottled water for a reasonable price – we bought some and kept a stockpile in our room. Second, you should try to drink as much water as possible during meals. Third, you can stay in a premium room where you get all the water refills you need.

The Sun

The Cancun sun is no joke. Throughout our stay, we saw multiple people getting taken off the beach or out of the pool in wheelchairs because they passed out from a combination of drinking and being in the sun all day.

Make sure you find some shade when possible, and bring some some sunscreen!


Despite some minor shortcomings, the Grand Oasis is the best party hotel in Cancun. We would highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a party to check this place out.

The Best Party Hotel in Cancun Infographic
The Best Party Hotel in Cancun Infographic