Cancun nightlife is world famous, and many consider the city to be the Las Vegas of Latin America. The atmosphere here is absolutely amazing. The main party strip is always packed with friendly people looking to have a good time.

If you’re doing an all-inclusive in the Hotel Zone, then you have to spend at least one of the nights clubbing downtown. During our latest five night stay, we went downtown three times and reviewed the three best clubs in town.

All three of these clubs offer all-you-can-drink service with the price of entry. The prices typically range from $60-$100 for one person. This is an absolute steal when compared with how much it costs to party in the United States.

Check out our rankings below to see what the epitome of Cancun nightlife looks like.

1. The City

Our undisputed pick for the best club in Cancun houses up to six thousand people, and is the biggest club in Latin America. If you only go to one club then this is the one you HAVE to go to! It’s got everything you could ask for: a big dance floor, bottle service tables, and three air-conditioned levels inside the club.

The best of Cancun Nightlife
The City is the best Cancun nightlife has to offer

If you’re staying in Cancun for less than a week, then we would suggest checking the schedule for this club as it is not open every night. The City will often host big DJ’s such as Alesso, Tiesto, and R3hab.

The music in here is geared towards dancing. You’ll hear top hits from artists such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Drake, and Coldplay. All of the songs are mixed live by a DJ who knows how to keep the party going.

One of the highlights of the club is the periodic jets of dry ice that shoot down from the ceiling to cool things down. This looks absolutely amazing aesthetically, and it a sight that you won’t see in many clubs anywhere in the world.

One word of warning though. There are usually people outside the club selling “Dominos pizza”. We learned the hard way that this pizza is not actually from Dominoes, and that you should steer clear!

2. Coco Bongo

You can’t come to Cancun without hearing about Coco Bongo – a pillar of Cancun nightlife. The moment you arrive in the airport you will start seeing the advertisements. The club is world famous – and for good reason.

Coco Bongo is a Pillar of Cancun Nightlife
Coco Bongo is a pillar of Cancun nightlife / Image Credit: Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo offers a truly unique experience as there is a show that runs for a good portion of the night. It’s as much about the show as it is about the partying. The club holds almost two thousand people, and has a wide assortment of professional dancers, acrobats, and celebrity impersonators that appear on stage periodically as part of the show. Even people who don’t usually enjoy clubbing will love Coco Bongo.

Unlike at most clubs, people at Coco Bongo will typically find a good spot to camp out all night to watch the spectacle that the club puts on. If you’re looking for a pure dance club, then this might not be the place for you.

Our favorite part about this place is the over-the-top amount of confetti and balloons that drop down from the ceiling. They coordinate this perfectly with the on-stage show, and it really gets the crowd amped up!

3. Mandala Beach

Mandala Beach is one of the hottest bars in downtown, and is open during the day as well as night – but we strongly recommend you check out the night parties and skip the day party. After all, we are all about the nightlife!

Mandala beach is one of Cancun's best spots when it comes to nightlife
Mandala Beach is an experience unlike any other / Image Credit: Mandala Beach

During the evenings, this place gets turned into a pool party nightclub like no other. There is a good area for dancing, a live DJ spinning great party tunes, and lots of people who decide they want to cannonball into the pool in their clubbing clothes.

What makes this place special is that it’s built right on the beach. You won’t see many clubs like this anywhere in the world. There’s just something about being outside partying in the ocean breeze that makes it feel very special.

The club will often host contests throughout the night for the guests. What kind of contests? We’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Cancun Nightlife Infographic
Cancun Nightlife Infographic