The Riviera Maya is one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and includes famous locations such as Tulum and Playa Del Carmen on the Caribbean Coast.

The Secrets Capri is tucked away on 71 oceanfront acres of amazing water and white sand. Even though it is an older resort, it has undergone excellent renovations and is in amazing shape.

We sent our lucky review team to this resort for six nights to get the scoop. Check out our Secrets Capri Riviera review below!

The Basics of the Secrets Capri Riviera

The 250+ room Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun is an 18+, all-inclusive resort located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. This resort is geared towards couples so we wouldn’t recommend you go there with a group of friends to party.

Secerts Capri Review - Pool
Secrets Capri Review – Pool and Gazebo

As with most Secrets resorts, they offer their “Unlimited Luxury” which includes a wide range of services.

  • Unlimited access to gourmet à la carte dining options without reservations required
  • Unlimited international and domestic top-shelf spirits
  • 24-hour room and concierge services
  • Pool and beach wait service
  • Daily refreshed mini-bar with soft drinks, juice, bottled water and beer
  • Free Wi-Fi and free international calling to the US and Canada
Secrets Capri Review – The view from the room

The Beach

The Caribbean coast of Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Secrets Capri has a great beach with beautiful white sand and blue/green waters. The water is a bit shallow near the shore so the sand gets kicked up by the waves quite a bit. This results in the water looking a bit darker than normal, but we seriously have no complaints about how beautiful it is.

Secrets Capri Review - Beach
Secrets Capri Review – Beach

One of the great things about this resort is that it’s not too busy. All of the rooms were booked, but we were always able to find our own hut on the beach.

The one thing we wish the beach had was more room. It’s not that the beach is busy, but when the tide comes in the amount of room available is decreased by quite a bit when compared with the beaches in the Hotel Zone in Cancun.

The Food

All we have to say is WOW. We loved the food here. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the buffet or their restaurants – the food is excellent. All of their restaurants are on a first-come-first-serve basis, and there is no limit on how often you can go to them.

During our stay, we did not have to wait for a table at any of the restaurants. The resort does a great job at making sure they have enough tables to keep things moving all night long!

Secrets Capri Review - Himitsu Restaurant
Secrets Capri Review – Himitsu Restaurant

Their restaurants include:

  • Cactus Club   | Ceviche & Taco Bar
  • Himitsu   | Pan-Asian & Hibachi Delicacies
  • La Riviera   | Continental & Mexican Buffet
  • Oceana   | Fresh Seafood
  • Portofino   | Italian Cuisine
  • Seaside Grill   | Grill Snacks & Caribbean Steakhouse

We tried all of them out, and they were all excellent. We absolutely loved Himitsu – it’s a must if you go here. Himitsu also has reservations available for a dinner show where a chef will cook your food on the grill in front of you. That is the only reservation you have to make at a restaurant if you want to check it out.

They also have romantic dinners on the beach for an added cost. The review team took advantage of this on the company’s dime and had a great time!

Secrets Capri - Romantic Dinner on the beach
Secrets Capri Review – Romantic Dinner on the beach

One more thing. You have 24 hour room service! They have tablets in each room where you can order up food anytime, and they will get it to you within 45 minutes (usually). We really took advantage of this, and the quality of the room service food was almost as good as the restaurants.

The Drinks

When it comes to their drinks, we only have two words: Rosa Maya. It’s one of their specialty mixes, and you have to try it if you go to this resort.

Overall, their drinks are good and the bartenders were always fast. They also have waiters coming around the tables at the beach as well as around the pool to make sure you’re never running dry.

The Activities

Secrets Capri does a great job of providing activities for everyone. Here are some of the daytime activities:

  • Lagoon tour
  • Archery
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Soccer and Volleyball against the staff
  • Aquafit

At nighttime, they usually have some sort of show or activity happening. Our favorites included:

  • Outdoor movie
  • Elements (a blend of music and cirque du soleil)
  • Newlyweds Game Show
  • Mexican Night
Secrets Capri Review - Mexican Night
Secrets Capri Review – Mexican Night

If you only do one activity, then we recommend checking out the Elements show. It was very well done!

The Customer Service

The staff were wonderful, and truly took care of all our needs! Anytime we sent a request through the tablet in our room, or called the front desk they were very quick to respond.

We also had a blast with the restaurant and bar staff. They were super knowledgeable about the drinks and food. Everyone made a point to get to know us, and really went above and beyond.

The one complaint that we have is that they try to sell you on the Unlimited Vacation Club when you check-in. Our advice is to just tell them a firm no, and they will very quickly back off and let you get on with your vacation.

Our Recommendation

We loved this place, and would highly recommend it for couples, weddings, and relaxing trips. If you’re looking for a party resort, you might want to check out the Grand Oasis Cancun.