The Visa Infinite concierge is great at getting things done for you, and they will make every effort to complete the task as long as it is legal and reasonable. The key is to be very specific with your requests – after all the concierge can’t read your mind! The concierge was able to help us find a deal at a local tennis club, find decorations rentals for a wedding, and secure a lawyer within our budget for estate planning.

The Visa Infinite Concierge service is free for anyone who has a Visa Infinite Credit Card. The Infinite Concierge competes directly with the more famous AMEX Platinum concierge, and more than holds its own. We tested out the Visa Infinite Concierge service, and were very impressed!

While the AMEX Platinum Concierge is still the best when it comes to securing access to popular restaurants and events, the Visa Infinite Concierge has them beat in other areas. Check out the rest of our Visa Infinite Concierge review to see if it’s the right concierge service for you.

Cards That Have Access to Visa Infinite Concierge

All credit cards that are labelled “Visa Infinite” have access to the concierge service. The concierge can be reached at:

  • 1-877-660-0905 (inside the US)
  • 1-312-800-4290 (worldwide).

If you register your card with Visa Infinite, you’ll also have access to their special offers. The Visa Infinite site can be found here:

Travel Planning

This is the best feature of the Visa Infinite Concierge service, and where it truly differentiates itself from the AMEX Platinum Concierge. With AMEX, they forward you to AMEX Travel for anything that’s remotely related to planning a trip. Visa Infinite Concierge handles these requests directly, and does a much better job.

One of our staff members, Max, got married last year and asked the Infinite Concierge to plan an amazing honeymoon – they did not disappoint. Max asked the concierge to plan a trip to Hawaii, and they got back to him with an awesome six page itinerary including descriptions on all of the various attractions. Max was free to book all of the destinations himself, or the concierge could arrange the travel details if he preferred. That’s what we call flexibility!

Max also reached out to AMEX Platinum Concierge/Travel with the same request, and was severely disappointed. AMEX got back to to him with a short e-mail that had five bullet points on potential attractions as well as an overpriced Fine Hotels and Resorts quote.

The travel planning has proven to be the crown jewel of the Visa Infinite Concierge service, and we are always going to use them for trip planning from now on!

Tickets and Reservations

We tested the Visa Infinite Concierge out with getting us tickets to the Backstreet Boys (please don’t judge) as well as booking popular restaurants in Chicago. They came through every time, and the ticket prices we got for BSB were great.

However, we still consider the AMEX Platinum concierge better at securing more exclusive events due to their longstanding relationships. For example, some elite restaurants have a standing reservation that is always held for AMEX Platinum guests.

Miscellaneous Tasks

With a dedicated e-mail inbox that you can send requests into, the Visa Infinite Concierge is perfect for miscellaneous tasks such as finding an appointment time for your haircut, setting up a test drive at a dealership, and finding a restaurant that’s willing to split the bill sixteen ways so that you and your friends don’t have to owe each other money (seriously we tried this one out).

If you’re a Visa Infinite cardholder, then we suggest you try out the concierge service for yourself. They are fantastic at taking care of all the small things that eat up your time.

Visa Infinite Concierge Review Infographic
Visa Infinite Concierge Review Infographic