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Essential Reading - Credit Score

Learn more about credit scores and how to boost it!

How to build credit score

How to improve your credit score?

Improve your credit score. Fast.

If your credit score is less than 700, then we strongly recommend you take active steps to improve it…[read more]

How Credit Score is Calculated

How is your credit score calculated?

The factors that determine your credit score.

Credit scores are typically generated by three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion…[read more]

how to check credit score

What is your credit score?

Free credit score reports.

Stay on top of your credit score with free reports…[read more]

Essential Reading - Personal Finance

Take control of your money!

Personal Financial Management

Saving and investing your money

Avoid traps of the financial world.

Debunking the five myths that financial advisors use to prey on their clients…[read more]

Should you buy or lease a car

Leasing vs. buying a car

Helping you save money on your next car.

Many people say that you should never lease a car since you don’t own anything. Is this always the case?…[read more]

Latest Reward Points Values

How much are your reward points worth?

.4 cents
Aeroplan Point Value
.4 cents
AAdvantage Point Value
.5 cents
AMEX Point Value

.8 cents
Chase Point Value

.6 cents
Citi Point Value
.2 cents
Delta Skymiles Point Value
.65 cents
Hilton Honors Point Value
.8 cents
Hyatt Point Value
.2 cents
JetBlue Point Value

.0 cents
Marriott Point Value

.5 cents
Southwest Point Value

.5 cents
United Point Value