Net worth is one of the best indicators of how financially strong you are. Your net worth is essentially everything you have (eg. cash, investments, home equity) minus everything you owe (eg. student loan, car loan, credit card bills, mortgage).

However, a high net worth can sometimes be deceiving. As an example, a person’s home equity value might inflate their net worth figure, but they might have minimal savings and be cash poor.

We do think it’s important to know your net worth, and also compare it to others in your age range to see how you’re doing.

Average Net Worth by Age

Here are the average net worth values by age in America. 

Don’t be discouraged if your net worth is lower than these numbers as everyone’s situation is different. The “average” numbers are also heavily skewed by the super wealthy.

AgeAverage Net Worth
< 30$80,000

For a more realistic view of what most people’s net worths are, check out our “Median Net Worth by Age” numbers in the next section.

Median Net Worth by Age

Here are the median net worth values by age in America. The median value represents the exact middle of the net worth values in each age bracket.

AgeMedian Net Worth 
< 30$12,000

If you want to start improving your net worth, then you’ll have to set up a robust investment portfolio. Check out our recommendation for what investments you should buy for a well-rounded portfolio: Sample Portfolio.

Net Worth By Age Infographic
Net Worth By Age Infographic

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