TD First Class Visa Infinite Review

TD First Class Visa Infinite

Reviewed by Credit Carrots (2020)

TD First Class Visa Infinite Review

TL;DR: The TD First Class Visa offers an earn rate of up to 4.5% when booking/redeeming through Expedia, and has no blackout dates! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a travel rewards credit card that gives you better bang for your buck.

TD First Class Visa Infinite

This TD Visa Infinite card will give you awesome rewards points and flexible travel booking.

Annual Fee

The TD First Class Visa Infinite has an annual fee of $120.

Top Three Travel Benefits

  • 10% discount with Avis and Budget
  • Robust travel insurance coverage
  • Visa Infinite Concierge


What the TD First Class Visa Infinite is all about

The TD First Class Visa Infinite card is a breath of fresh air when compared with other travel rewards credit cards. This TD Visa Infinite offers amazing flexibility with no blackout dates, a plethora of travel options as you get to book through Expedia, and a robust suite of insurance options to keep you covered while traveling!

The annual fee of $120 is typically waived for the first year, and your rewards points will more than make up for it if you spend more than $700/month on this card.

Read on to learn more about the robust benefits and perks that come with the TD First Class Visa Infinite!

How to Earn Rewards Points

TD First Class Visa Infinite Points Earn Rates

Before we get into the detail of the different ways you can earn TD points, we want to first clarify how much each point is worth.

Based on our research, we value a TD point at 0.5 cents. That means if you spend a dollar to earn a rewards point, then you are essentially getting 0.5% of value back.

Luckily for us, the base earn rate for this card is 3 points per dollar so that means you will get at least 1.5% of your spend back in the form of TD points.

Here are the different ways you can earn points:

3 TD points per dollar spent on everyday purchases (ie. you’re getting 1.5% of your spend back in TD points value).

9 TD points per dollar when booking travel through Expedia (ie. you’re getting 4.5% of your spend back in TD points value). Expedia has set up a special site for TD cardholders called ExpediaForTD. The site features all of the options available on Expedia, and often times will give you an additional discount over what is available on the generic Expedia site!

How to Redeem Rewards Points

Redeeming TD Points

The TD Rewards program offers a host of points redemption options with varying values. The best bang for your points will be to redeem them through ExpediaForTD – this is a travel credit card after all!

The most popular redemption options are below:

ExpediaForTD. This redemption option is the crown jewel of the TD First Class Visa. The site allows you to access ALL of Expedia’s travel inventory.

This includes everything from car rentals, to flights, to hotels, to all-inclusive vacation packages. The best part is that the ExpediaForTD portal will often have better deals than the normal Expedia site!

The Expedia option also gives you the best bang for your buck as each point will be worth $0.005 (1000 points = $5).

Any Way Travel. This option allows you to redeem TD points against travel-related charges on your credit card statement. This option allows you to redeem each TD point at a value of $0.004 (1000 points = $4).

Statement Credit. This redemption option essentially allows you to convert your TD points directly to cash that goes against your credit card statement. However, the value for our points plummets. Each TD point only gets you $0.0025 ($1000 points = $2.50). We don’t recommend using this option.

There are also other redemption methods such as the TD rewards store or gift cards, but we recommend that you stay away from them as you’re basically throwing away your points.

Additional Benefits and Features

What else can the TD First Class Visa Infinite get you?

The TD First Class comes with all of the usual perks of a credit card with a $120 annual fee.

Our favorite benefits include:

  • Purchase protection. This coverage automatically kicks in when you charge the full purchase price of a retail item to your TD Visa Infinite. This protects you against loss or damage within the first 90 days of purchase, and also doubles the manufacturer’s warranty period up to 12 additional months. The cap on this protection is $60,000 for the lifetime of your TD account.
  • 10% discount with Avis and Budget car rentals. You get 10% off the lowest available base rate in Canada and the US. Careful though! The benefits comes with potential blackout dates so book early.
  • Visa Infinite Concierge. The Visa Infinite Concierge service is free for anyone who has a Visa Infinite Credit Card. They provide great travel planning services for free, and is a lifesaver when traveling in foreign countries as they can help with making reservations at restaurants/hotels that don’t speak English.
  • Robust travel insurance coverage. The insurance package covers car rental loss and damage, lost/stolen/damaged baggage, and travel medical up to a million dollars. One important thing to note is that the car rental coverage does not cover vans, trucks, off-road vehicles, or motorcycles! One of our staff members learned this the hard way when he rented a pickup truck and got into an accident. The detailed insurance policy can be found here.

For a full list of all TD First Class Visa Infinite benefits click here.